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1. want a shoutout ? you have to do me a favor 

2.want my personal blog ask me NO ANON’S

3. DONT ask for address, where i live, full name, or what size shoe i am! i have a big foot:( 

4. dont right to much hate, its not nice to bring somebody down 

5. if u want me to reblog a pic of you, you have to reblog one of me, same with likes, and polls/votes 

6. check out my blog? ill check out yours

7. if i unfollowed you its because u you reblog nudes, your a rude person/if i see any form of hate from you, we dont have same blog types, i saw you unfollowed me

8. have any tips for my blog, or anything else i should put in my FAQ tell me! id love to hear it

have a great day everyone! let it be filled with rainbows and unicorns eating nutella!!!!!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin